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Maintenance and maintenance of laser equipment


Eight daily maintenance contents of laser equipment:

1 Pay attention to cleaning the lens and guide rail of the laser equipment every day, and clean the sundries on the workbench; the cleaning method of the lens: when cleaning the lens, use absolute ethanol or 98% alcohol as the cleaning solution, lightly dip a small amount of absorbent cotton Directional light scrubbing on the lens, lightly wipe the lens with dry cotton to make the lens bright and transparent; (note that scrubbing too hard will easily wipe off the coating on the lens, so that the lens will be damaged) Cleaning method of the guide rail: first remove the stains on the guide rail and After processing the scrap, add a little lubricating oil on the guide rail, and move the guide rail so that the lubricating oil can be evenly distributed on the guide rail. (Be careful not to use thicker lubricating oil (butter). This kind of lubricating oil attached to the guide rail can easily cause processing debris and dust to stick and twist, and even damage the slider and guide rail. Cleaning method of the working platform: the working platform has zinc Workbenches such as ferroalloy, honeycomb, crawler belt, knife strip, etc., first clean up the processing debris on the workbench. The crawler workbench needs to be used for half a year to add a little anti-rust oil to the crawler belt for anti-rust treatment. Other workbenches do not need it . (Note that the working platform cannot be easily cleaned with water, and it is easy to rust the working platform and accelerate the oxidation of the work.

2 Regularly clean the exhaust fan and smoke pipe of the laser equipment to keep them clean; the cleaning method of the exhaust fan and smoke pipe: when there is a lot of smoke and dust during processing, it is necessary to clean the fan, remove the outer cover of the fan, and scrape off the fan blade with thin wood chips and the accumulated dust on the air channel, and then use a high-pressure air gun to blow off the accumulated dust. The method of cleaning the smoke pipe is the same as that of the exhaust fan water. (Note: No water can enter the exhaust pipe and it cannot be extended to wet places, such as sewers).

3. Regularly clean the heat sink of the water tank of the laser equipment; the cleaning method of the heat sink: the main purpose of the heat sink is to dissipate the heat of the water circulation in the laser tube. Poor heat dissipation directly affects the laser light output power. The cleaning of the heat sink is very important. First, use a brush Remove the dust on the heat sink, and then use a high-pressure air gun to clean the water inlet, and pour the air-conditioning heat sink cleaning liquid on the heat sink to clean, wash with water, and dry before use.

4. The mechanical transmission part of the laser equipment needs to be lubricated once a month; the maintenance rules for the mechanical transmission part of the equipment: the mechanical transmission part has synchronous wheels, bearings, smooth wheels, polished rods, etc. The main oiling parts are bearings, synchronous wheels, smooth wheels, and polished rods. Anti-rust treatment should be done well, and lubricating oil should be added to the connecting bearing once a month.

5. The circulating water of the laser equipment needs to be replaced once a week; the maintenance rules of the circulating water: the circulating water is mainly used to dissipate heat for the laser tube, which directly affects the power and service life of the laser tube. The wall of the laser tube is not prone to scale. When the water is turbid, the circulating water needs to be replaced. The water injection volume is preferably 3/2 of the water tank. If it is less than 3/1, water must be added, otherwise the laser tube will break.

6. For new laser equipment, the laser output power should be controlled below 80%;

7. In order to have a longer service life of the laser tube, it is recommended to rest for about 10 minutes before working continuously for 5 hours.

8. Maintenance of laser tube: For new laser equipment, the laser output power should be controlled below 80%, mainly because the new laser tube is full of gas, and it is easy to cause gas consumption too fast when processing with high power, which will reduce the life of the laser tube , When working continuously for 5 hours, rest for about 10 minutes before working again. The main reason is that the long-term operation of the laser tube will cause the temperature of the laser tube to rise, making the power unstable and weakened.


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